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Contributed by Dr. Leong Tzi Ming

“At mid-day on 27th March 2014, I had the opportunity to feast my eyes on some bathing beauties near a river mouth in Singapore. A few Whimbrels (Numenius phaeopus) had arrived at the scene and began to immerse themselves in the warm, shallow waters (above).

“The preliminary soaking was soon followed by vigorous flapping of wings, creating quite a splash (above, below). Each bath lasted approximately five minutes from start to finish.

“A video clip of the bathing Whimbrel may be previewed below.

“After having a splashing good time, the visibly refreshed Whimbrels would then begin to preen themselves (below).

At times, the Whimbrel may be observed to obtain some preen oil from its uropygial gland (below).

This would then be systematically applied to its feathers with the help of its long bill (below).

A video clip of the preening Whimbrel may be previewed below.

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
17th April 2014

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