Javan Myna takes a gecko

06 Dec 2013   in Feeding-vertebrates 4 Comments »
Contributed by Jasper Lim

“I did a quick search and mynahs eating geckos have not been documented on BESG. Hence I’m sending you some pictures I took of the event. Unfortunately I did not witness the Javan Mynah (Acridotheres javanicus) actually hunting the gecko, but the damage to the head and the missing tail of the gecko suggests it might have been killed by a predator.

“I thought it was interesting to see interaction between creatures that live so close to us (with reference to the post of a plantian squirrel eating a mynah chick too LINK).”

Jasper Lim
29th November 2013

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    4 Responses to "Javan Myna takes a gecko"

    1. 29th December 2013 is wrong, as today is 6 Dec 2013.

    2. Kim Mosabe says:

      Lovely shots, beautiful pictures. Keep up the good posting!

    3. Alex says:

      Incidentally, I saw another Javan Mynah with what looks like the remains of a geckco in its beak while I was waiting for my bus here in Sembawang a few days ago as well. Never thought they would prey on those lizards before I saw that.

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