Sub-adult Greater Coucal

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“We have been developing a garden at our new house for the last two years. Have had a couple of Greater Coucals (Centropus sinensis) visiting (above). Fascinating, as they are large enough for us to observe more clearly what they do without the aid of binoculars… they seem to drink a lot of water! They spent long minutes at the several water bowls in the garden. And hopped around on the grass, and in and out of trees. They indulged in mating behaviour too and we later saw one of them with grass in its mouth. We have plenty of nest-boxes up of various sizes, and we are hoping that along with the sparrows and mynas already making homes in our house, coucals will too!

“It is a treat to watch these birds. I see on the net that they are widely found in India, particularly in Rajasthan, Haryana, W Bengal, Karanataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.”

Anjana Mehta
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
10th June 2012

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  1. Tou Jing Yi

    Nice garden, the Greater Coucals that are once an uncommon but regular sight just opposite my house is now no longer there and they are fear to be locally extinct from my immediate surrounding. Due to Coucals breeding habits, it probably does not enter nest boxes for breeding, but some hole nesters especially is likely to take it if you can provide sufficient safetiness to the nest box, like sufficient height, mechanism to avoid mammals and snakes from reaching and etc may give you higher chance of someone using the nestbox.

  2. I love these birds, their color, red eyes, deep hooting. I just discovered them as i have just moved to hong kong, in the new territories, and see them often in the fields around my house. They are excellent tightrope walkers, shimmying up ground lines to the top of poles to call out. They also seem to be very shy, and take off as soon as they spot you, even from far away. I don’t know if I will ever be so lucky as to have them visit my garden!

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