Collared Kingfisher mating

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Walad Jamaludin a.k.a. walj had a rare opportunity of photographing a pair of Collared Kingfishers (Todiramphus chloris) in the act of copulation. This is an extremely brief act with the male suddenly mounting the female. And with a swift turn … Continued

Black-shouldered Kites locking talons

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Black-shouldered Kites (Elanus caeruleus), like many raptors, are very playful, often indulging in dazzling aerial acrobatics. The image above, by Lee Tiah Khee, shows a pair in the process of locking talons, after which they will invariably indulge in an … Continued

Tale of an albino crow

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“Following up on Daisy O’Neill’s post, attached are photos taken in 1973 of another unusually-coloured crow that used to reside with me. It’s not because the photos are old and faded – but that crow is actually white. KC Tsang … Continued

Asian Koels in battle

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“…a face-off between two Asian Koels (Eudynamys scolopacea) in a rain tree (Samanea saman) close to my apartment. One of them had been calling loudly from this tree for many days in mid-May. Then on the morning of the 24th … Continued

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