Greater Coucal foraging along a branch

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Mike Koh a.k.a. astro08 photographed the Greater Coucal (Centropus sinensis) moving along a bare branch in a slow and clumsy manner. This method of foraging is less common than feeding on the ground. The bird is a generalist, taking large … Continued

Mobbing of a Long-Tailed Shrike

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“According to Wikipedia, mobbing is an anti-predator behaviour which occurs when individuals of a certain species mob a predator by cooperatively attacking or harassing it. The objective of such attacks is usually to protect their offspring. On 22 May 2010, … Continued

Song of the Silver-eared Mesia

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At an altitude of 1,800m in the Cameron Highland’s Gunung Brinchang in Malaysia, the Silver-eared Mesias (Leiothrix argentauris tahanensis) are commonly seen and heard (left: adult female). These are highly social birds, often gathering in groups to sing their songs. … Continued

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