The Indian Peacock

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Wilson Chong a.k.a. starrynight was in India recently and returned with an impressive image of a male Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) in flight (above). The male bird, also known as the Indian Peacock, has always been admired for his beauty. … Continued

Courtship of the Common Iora

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“A repertoire of songs was what attracted me to a pair of Common Ioras (Aegithina tiphia) recently. “The male, which was in breeding plumage (above left), was courting a female. He was leaning downwards towards the female and singing to … Continued

Mangrove Pitta breeding: 2. Predators

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“The located nesting site of the breeding pair of Mangrove Pittas (Pitta Megarhyncha) was wedged in between the base of a palm tree species branch and elevated fallen decayed fronds. “Its low lying location gave easy access to predators – … Continued

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