Call of the Fluffy-backed Tit Babbler

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“I heard a loud ‘argument’ going on in a dense bush and decided to watch quietly. It was a verbal battle between a pair of Fluffy-backed Tit Babblers (Macronous ptilosus ptilosus) and a pair of Stripe-throated Bulbuls (Pycnonotus finlaysoni finlaysoni). … Continued

Mating of the Greater Coucal

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“There are a number of Greater Coucals (Centropus sinensis) residing in our 350 acre campus and when not seen, their loud ‘oop’ calls can be heard. “On this occasion, I noticed two coucals calling to each other in low tones … Continued

The Bird Ecology Study Group in review: 2005-2010

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Local birdwatchers are mostly twitchers, listers and tickers. Attempts to encourage them to get to know more about birds failed miserably until 2005 when the BESG was formed. The setting of a website on bird behaviour helped to popularise this … Continued

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