Gnat larvae forming tubes

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I was examining some rain water in a plastic container that flowed from my roof top. At the bottom of the container were rod-like accumulations of blackish dirt (above). Draining most of the water, I collected the blackish remains into … Continued

Long-toed Stint

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“Scatted number of Long-toed Stints (Calidris subminuta) over a large part of this in-land wetlands area. One small flock I saw was 12 birds but total number must exceed 25. Some birds were very patient and cooperative for images (above, … Continued

Common Flameback Feeding

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“One glorious morning, two Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense) females caught my eye as they sourced for breakfast. As the upper female probed into the crevice, she would rotate her head this way and that (above, below). “Her long, slender tongue … Continued

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