Sultan Tit in the lowland forest

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“…I saw a Sultan Tit (Melanochlora sultanea flavocristata) – 2 heard and 1 seen this week unexpectedly in lowland forest. I say ‘unexpectedly’ because I have never encountered this species in lowland forest locally in more than 40 years of … Continued

Dark-necked Tailorbird in NE Borneo

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The least common of the tailorbirds in Borneo is the Dark-necked Tailorbird (Orthotomus atrogularis humphreysi). “Saw a very confident male on the trail in primary forest. “In north-east Borneo is quite different from O. a. atrogularis that occurs in Peninsular … Continued

Java Sparrow nesting

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“Java Sparrows (Lonchura oryzivora) are not a native bird but breed in the wild from released captives. “There are a number of small stable populations in 3 locations around the city, largely centered on limestone outcroppings where they breeding. “Image … Continued

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