• Water(hen) in the (bird) brain

    Water(hen) in the (bird) brain

    “Our good web-master once posted an article of mine on this website about attracting kingfishers to urban gardens LINK. “As a follow-up to that, I decided to do this...

  • The Birds of Singapore – an online book

    The Birds of Singapore – an online book

    In May 1943, GC Madoc published “An Introduction to Malayan Birds.” He wrote his manuscript in Singapore’s Changi Prison where he was interned when the country fell into the...

  • Videocam: A powerful tool for studying birds

    Videocam: A powerful tool for studying birds

    1. Collecting birds: In the 19th century the equipment needed to study birds was the gun. Another skill necessary was a good stuffing technique in order to preserve the specimens....

  • Documenting bird calls and songs

    Documenting bird calls and songs

    Many local birdwatchers are able to recognise the birds behind the songs. However, interest in most cases ends there except for a few who make basic recordings. Erik Mobrand...

  • Should attempts be made to tame wild birds?

    Should attempts be made to tame wild birds?

    The first part of the series by aviculturist Lee Chiu San deals with whether birds can be tamed and whether they will remain tamed. The second part looks at whether it is...

  • Postings your observations and images

    Postings your observations and images

    Why should you post your observations and images? Southeast Asian birds are poorly studied in terms of behaviour and ecology. By posting your observations (and this include...

  • Nature Society: The struggle for Singapore’s nature areas

    Nature Society: The struggle for Singapore’s nature areas

    The above paper has just been published. Nature in Singapore is a peer-reviewed, online journal that publishes articles on the flora and fauna (e.g., biology, botany, zoology,...

Territorial fight of Libellago lineata, the Golden Gem damselfly

Some male dragonflies and damselflies are very attached to their territories, so much so that they respond aggressively to intruding males of the same species. This is shown in Tang Hung Bun’s video clips of the damselfly, the Golden Gem (Libellago lineata). Two males are in a territorial flight, to be subsequently joined by a third. Such fights usually occur during the late morning and can last for over an hour. These are beautiful damselflies. Unfortunately they are... Read More

Chestnut-headed Bee-eater – conflict (social behaviour)

Chestnut-headed Bee-eater – conflict (social behaviour) “I was drawn to a pair of Chestnut-headed Bee-eater (Merops leschenaulti) who were calling loudly and seem agitated (above). They then progressed to have an altercation (conflict) with each other. I observed 3 consecutive episodes. What was odd was that each time they would amicably return to the same perch. They appeared to be family or mates but the conflict in mid air (below) was hard to explain. “There were a few other Chestnut-headed Bee-eaters around but... Read More

Plantain Squirrel and the Reticulated Python

sleeping python, frightened squirrel @ sungei buloh – 21Dec2013 from SgBeachBum on Vimeo. “Was on the way out from the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve when another visitor pointed out a coiled up Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus) sitting snugly on a limb of a tree beside the main path into the reserve. This was my first time seeing a python in the reserve but I have heard that the reserve has seen this and other pythons before including an assortment of other... Read More

Little Egrets in combat

Little Egrets in combat “In September 2012, during the beginning of the migratory season last year, I was fortunate to witness territorial fights between some Common Sandpipers (Actitis hypoleucos). This year, in mid October, I was fortunate to have another encounter. This time, it was two Little Egrets in combat. “It all started with an unusual sighting of an Eastern Cattle Egret (Bubulcus coromandus). Unusual – because the Cattle Egret was in water in a small river. A Little... Read More

More Observations on Red Junglefowl Behaviour

Red Junglefowl Hen Misses Her Chicks “It is uncommon to hear the distress calls of a hen. But when you hear them you will know there is something going on. Trying to make sense of the situation when I heard it, I soon realised that the hen was missing her chicks. Even as my condo is a safe habitat for the birds, somehow they got separated. About 40 min later, I found one of the chicks with Lao Da the alpha male. Apparently the chick was also calling out for the mother.... Read More

Adult Little Heron attacking juvenile

Adult Little Heron attacking juvenile At about 0915 hours on 31st August 2013, Mendis Tan documented an adult Little Heron (Butorides striatus) attacking a juvenile at a canal in Hougang Avenue 7, Singapore. In the beginning of the video clip, the adult had its mandibles clamped on the head of the juvenile and trying, without success, to pull it out of the water (top) – or so it appears. It subsequently repeatedly pecked at the head as well as trying to pull the juvenile up, again with success.... Read More

Butterflies and Ants feeding on plant sap along the same branch

Butterflies and Ants feeding on plant sap along the same branch “In a small patch of forest which remained between the Bt Panjang Park and a fast developing condominium complex alongside Petir Road, a pair of Bigg’s Brownie butterflies (Miletus bigsii bigsii of subfamily Miletinae) were seen feeding on some kind of plant sap of a young Syzygium plant. Despite the noisy environment of the nearby construction works and the photographic attention they were getting from our group of butterfly watchers, the Bigg’s Brownies... Read More

Ashy Tailorbird feeding a large Plaintive Cuckoo fledgling

Ashy Tailorbird feeding a large Plaintive Cuckoo fledgling Johnny Wee documented a pair of adult Ashy Tailorbirds (Orthotomus ruficeps) feeding a recently fledged Plaintive Cuckoo (Cacomantis merulinus) at Singapore’s Pasir Ris Farmway1 in mid-July 2013. It must have been a strange sight to witness a pair of small tailorbirds feeding a larger cuckoo fledging that was more than twice their size. The tailorbirds must have worked extra hard looking for food to satisfy the hunger of this giant fledgling. With each feed, the... Read More

Community of Urban Red Junglefowl

Tang Hung Bun spent a few days observing a group of about 30 Red Junglefowls (Gallus gallus) in a one hectare field somewhere along Upper Thomson Road LINK. The field is a popular foraging ground for these Red Junglefowls. The scattered trees and shrubs around the periphery provide shelter for the chicks. These chicks are at times attacked by some of the adult males. They are also targeted by raptors from above. In fact Hung Bun did witness a failed attempt by a raptor to... Read More

Asian Koel – Aggression or Duetting?

“Two or more Asian Koels (Eudynamys scolopacea) in apparent confrontation is a scene commonly seen or heard in locations where there are House Crows (Corvus splendens) and Asian Koels. These usually happen in the early mornings or evenings. Their antics has been recorded by YC LINK, Lena Chow LINK and Kwong Wai Chong LINK. “In the area around my condominium, the behaviour is also frequently heard but more difficult to observe because the actions take place high... Read More