Caterpillars: Food for birds

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Birds love caterpillars. They are full of goodies and excellent growth food for their chicks. A recent documentation showed the food brought to chicks of the Oriental White-eye (Zosterops palpebrosus) to be mostly caterpillars. Large, juicy caterpillars are eaten after … Continued

Birds and centipedes

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Terrestrial or land invertebrates (animals without backbones) are favourite food for many birds. Insects and spiders are regularly taken, as well as molluscs. Centipedes are also food for birds, especially the smaller species. Larger tropical centipedes are another matter (above). … Continued

Birds and molluscs

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During the last few months we have been receiving images from various photographers of different species of birds taking molluscs as food or as a calcium supplement. We have now managed to identify the molluscs with the help of Dr … Continued

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