Crow anting in an anthill

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Through regular visits to a park in Amsterdam, Levina de Ruijter manages to bond with a resident crow. Whenever she arrives, the crow would come to greet her, following her around, sometimes coming close. Recently when Levina was photographing some … Continued

Crows and oil palm fruits: A call for more observations

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Photographers and birdwatchers have made many documentations on parrots feeding on the fruits of oil palms (Elaeis guineensis) – Red-breasted Parakeets (Psittacula alexandri) LINK, Long-tailed Parakeets (Psittacula longicauda), Rose-ringed Parakeets (P. krameri) and Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot (Loriculus galgulus) LINK, and … Continued

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