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Contributed by Subaraj Rajathurai & Dr. Leong Tzi Ming

“On the morning of 9th December 2012, a small flock of Cotton Pygmy-geese (Nettapus coromandelianus) was observed upon a lake in Perak, Peninsular Malaysia (above).

“They were feeding contently amongst the mats of aquatic vegetation just below the water surface (above).

“In between their dabbling activity, they also invested much time in preening themselves vigorously (above). Feather maintenance is especially important for ducks and geese as they need to keep it waterproof.

“Momentary flashing of the wings was noticed whenever a pygmy-goose stretched itself (above).

“A brief video clip of their spirited preening behaviour may be previewed above.”

Subaraj Rajathurai & Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
19th December 2012

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