Spotted Dove nesting

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Joseph Chai a.k.a. rooster posted his experience with a pair of Spotted Doves (Streptopelia chinensis) nesting outside his highrise apartment in September 2009. Through the courtesy of Wilson Wong, we got in contact with Joseph who gave us permission to post his images.

Because of the abundant greenery around the apartment building, there was an abundance of bird life. And the pair of Spotted Doves was comfortable enough to build their nest on one of the steel shelves placed outside (above left).

The nest is a simple collection of twigs and dried pliable stems of climbers and grasses, with a slight depression to hold the two white eggs so that they do not roll off the edge (above right). The eggs hatched and the two chicks grew rapidly, brooded by the protective parents (left). As with doves and pigeons, it can be assumed that the male brooded during the day and the female at night.

By October the chicks were about to fledge (below left). Unfortunately Joseph had to be overseas and by the time he returned later in the month they had fledge (below right). However, he saw the pair of adults recently adjusting the nest.

Will they return to lay more eggs? We have to wait and see.

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  1. Avian Buddy

    They will probably lay more eggs again. I had the Spotted Dove nest at my balcony around May 2009 till Nvember 2009, during which they laid eggs 5 times almost every 2 months.(incubation time is about 14 days and and then after the eggs(normally 2) hatched, the parents birds looked after the young bird for about a month till they are fully grown up and flied off. In the morning the mother and father change the duty.(quite precise timing around 9:30am +/- 5 mins at my place and they made alot of Coo coo sound before changing the duty.) I am not sure which is mother or father but the one who took morning duty normally take duty about only 4-5 hours after that the one who took the night duty came back again. After the young bird flied off, the parents dove repaired their nest(bring more some twings) about 3 days then laid egg again, most of the time what I noticed was the mother didn’t lay 2 eggs at the same time, it was always about 1 day apart.

    I am not bird expert and no zoology back ground but I am nature lover and did volunteer work at the singapore zoo often. I just become aciidental bird watcher because of this 2 lovely spotted dove. I put my webcam near the nest and recorded many hours of video clips. I am creating my blog and I will post all these clips when my blog is ready.

    I hope they will come back again this May 2010. I think Dec to April may be not the season to lay egg for the Spotted Dove. I didn’t hear any Coo-coo sound around my area for about 2 months now. I heard alot of Coo-coo sounds around my area during the time between may and november. So there must be others nest too around my place. I stay near the nature park in Singapore.

  2. Hi Anian Buddy
    Thanks for the informative note. Your observations are very valuable and should be shared, possibly also the videos, where much more detailed information can be obtained. If you do not have the time, maybe someone can help view the videos and obtain the relevant details? Hope you let us have the link once your blog is set up.

  3. Hello

    I had a pair of spotted dove nesting on my balcony overhang. They built their nest while I was out of town and when I came back I saw 2 eggs. Just like Avian Buddy said, I am not a bird expert but having them in my balcony turned me into a bird watcher and more so a bird lover. I have been in love with the spotted dove pair and their babies… I saw them grow up and fledge. I too have recorded many videos on my phone. After the babies fledged, they did not return for quite sometime and the nest they had was all soiled by their droppings. I learned somewhere that if they use the same dirty nest again, there are high chances of the babies getting infected by bacteria. So I cleared the nest away. Now the pair has come back after almost 2 months. They are trying to build a nest again. But I am not sure what is happening this time. They seem to be working on the nest for only about 2-3 hours during the day and are gone for the rest of the time. Is that how they build nests? How long does it take to build the nests? Or is it because I cleared the last one away, they are considering another place? The nest is not even partially done yet and they have been working on it for last 2 days (abt 2 hrs each day). I tried to help them by putting some twigs and sticks near their nest while they were away. Should I continue doing that?

  4. […] 26th December that he hopes Spotted Doves (Streptopelia chinensis) will again nest on his balcony LINK, my opinion is that if you want birds to stay around your premises and perhaps raise a family, you […]

  5. Hello everyone. I have enjoyed reading the information on the Spotted Dove, as I too, have a pair nesting in my native shrub opposite my kitchen window where I get an excellent view of them. I thought that they had gone during time I was away, but to my delight, they are back, using the same nest. Now that I know it is a 14 day incubation, I will watch them closely. I do love having them, and thank you for your information.

  6. I have a pair nesting on a bearer of my verandah outside my back door at the moment. The egg, or eggs but I think there is only one, seems to have hatched yesterday. The male and female change over at about 4 in the afternoon. They do a little series of bows to each other and then change over.

    The birds were billing and cooing for weeks in my garden beforehand and then the male built the nest and brought her to have a look. Since it’s under a corrugated iron roof I thought she’d decline, but she sat there even on very hot days.

  7. Abhishek Chatterjee

    Wow… What an informative blog….
    I am a nature ans bird lover so i hav a spotted dove breeding with two little eggs just hatched a few days back…. They used the same nest twice in last e months..
    I am feeling good and happy…
    Gos bkess them

  8. Hi Abhishek – If you are interested in posting your experience in our site, please send the photos and account to

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