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The Little Heron at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Azmi Mohamed was at the Singapore Botanical Gardens on the morning of the 26th February 2006 when he came across the Little Heron (Butorides striatus) doing an unusual thing. “It was picking up pieces of bread and dropping the bread into the water. It appeared to be trying to lure fish within range for it [...]

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Mixed marriages in birds

in Courtship-Mating  on Mar 28, 06 1 Comment »

Ilsa Sharp from Perth, Western Australia, wrote on 21st February 2006: “I would like to ask whether anybody has encountered any ‘inter-racial marriages’ between different species of birds in Singapore, articularly between newcomer aliens and indigenous residents – and if so, are the offspring automatically infertile? “This thought came to me because I was birding [...]

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Little Grebe: Going out with a fight

in Species  on Mar 27, 06 2 Comments »

“On December 12th, 2005, as I was leading my American clients on a birding tour at Serangoon (Sewage Works), we stopped to observe an adult Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis). Suddenly, another adult swam into view with two juveniles in tow, much to my excitement. There has been only three adult grebes left here and so [...]

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Hornbill Project Singapore

in Hornbills  on Mar 25, 06 3 Comments »

The Hornbill Project Singapore is the brainchild of French naturalist, Marc Cremades of the Winged Migration fame. The ides came two years ago when he visited Pulau Ubin with long-time local birder, Prof Ng Soon Chye. Much is known about these large and wonderful birds but relatively little is known about the breeding behaviour. We [...]

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A Great Hornbill came for a visit

in Hornbills  on Mar 23, 06 4 Comments »
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Forensic birding 3: Pellets

in Miscellaneous  on Mar 22, 06 No Comments »

A few weeks ago I picked up a small, 14 x 14 mm piece of dry, compressed pellet on my driveway. On examining it under the hand lens, I found that it was composed of short pieces of fibres, a few sand grains, pieces of what looked like coloured palm fruit skin and other unidentified [...]

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The cat and the Cinnamon Bittern

in Interspecific  on Mar 20, 06 No Comments »

Seiko Okajima reported an early morning intruder to her house at Opera Estate in February 2006 thus: “My cat brought in this bird to my house early this morning around 1:00am of Feb 3, 2006. This young bird was not harmed and later flew away safely, but lost some feathers taken by my cat. My [...]

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Oriental Pied Hornbills in urban Singapore

in Hornbills  on Mar 18, 06 15 Comments »

Once upon a time, there were three species of hornbills present in Singapore. However, due to rapid development and large-scale deforestation, all three species became extinct in the late 19th century. One species, the Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris convexus), has made a comeback. There are many of this bird in the offshore island of [...]

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Pink-necked Green Pigeons 4: The birds have flown the nest

in Nesting  on Mar 16, 06 1 Comment »

The following information comes from observations conducted in February 2005 on a nesting pair of Pink-necked Green Pigeons (Treron vernans) in my garden (see 1 and 2). It is reported here to provide conclusion to the series. Egg incubation took 17 days. The newly hatched nestling was near-naked, sparsely covered with short pin feathers. The [...]

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In and out of the Yellow-vented Bulbul’s nest

in Interspecific, Nesting  on Mar 14, 06 No Comments »

On 10th February 2006, five days before the writing of this entry, my parents noticed movements in our small chiku tree (Manilkara zapota). This tree is no more than 2 metres tall and is right next to the fence that separates my neighbour’s garden from mine. In my mother’s words: ” An olive bird with [...]

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